Pinscher Free Bitmap Font 最新免费像素字体FREE

Pinscher Free Bitmap Font 最新免费像素字体
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Here comes Pinscher Free Bitmap Font! Just like a Doberman Pinscher, SH Pinscher is slim, elegant, focused, fun, and designed to kill all at the same time. This beast is a bit more typographic than the typical bitmap fonts out in the wild, with its ligatures, small-cap, symbols, supported languages and even emojis. Ah ok, so you have caught it in the details of the glyphs that SH Pinscher cheats its way to achieve a more optimized legibility and readability than the “real” bitmap fonts.

Thanks to Tinghao Hu for providing us this stunning free typeface today! Check out on his portfolio so you can find out more about this author and his other creative projects! Also, show your support by leaving comments and appreciate on any of his project that you find interesting. Then, make sure to hit the check out more button below to get there!

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